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How Much Does Hockey Gear Cost?

How Much Does Hockey Gear Cost?

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Can Hockey Skate Blades Be Replaced?

How fast you skate can make or break your game, and the quality of your skate blades is vital for your stride. Even though the runners, as they're known, are made from steel and other durable...

How to Choose the Best Type of Hockey Bag

It's game time, and you need to take all of your gear to the rink: your stick, gloves, skates, helmet, pants, and the rest. That's where your hockey bag becomes your best friend; it provides enough...

How Often Should I Tape My Hockey Stick?

You’ve seen some NHL players focused on getting the perfect tape job, and when the period is over, they cut it and go through the process over again. So, should you do the same? To find the answer,...